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Wanted to leave behind 'sent to all' emails and have everyone contribute to the conversation


The intranet, in connection to Microsoft Teams and Yammer, are the key components in the new digital workplace for the Innovation Department

AAU Innovation

The Innovation department at Aalborg University is, as the name suggests, often first movers. They are also the first department at Aalborg University to create a modern digital workplace with intranet and Microsoft Teams as key components.

Aalborg University's Innovation department has, as the first department in the university, launched a unifying intranet. The platform is their centralized holding place for information and the sharing of knowledge, inspiration and results across management and project silos.

"The intranet provides a comprehensive access to the information you need as an employee at AAU Innovation. It gives us new - and more dynamic - opportunities to share knowledge about the things that affect us all and the things happening in the separate teams. Everyone can contribute, and it's easy."

Morten Randbøll and Kalle Mølbak Pedersen

Innovation, Aalborg University

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