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About Egmont

Egmont is a leading media group in the Nordic region, that creates strong content and digital services in the fields of film, television, gaming, e-commerce, e-sports, digital marketing, teaching, streaming, magazines and books. Egmont is behind companies such as Nordisk Film, TV 2 in Norway, Lindhardt and Ringhof and Egmont Publishing. Our mission is We bring stories to life. Egmont is a fund. The entire profit goes to the development of our media and to helping children and film talents.

Egmont combines IntraActive and Workplace by Facebook for a common digital workplace

Egmont uses IntraActive for Office 365 and Workplace by Facebook in an innovative communication solution.

Egmont has recently launched a new internal information portal – Insight 365 – as an addition to their social intranet, Workplace by Facebook, where all employees can share news, content and knowledge easily and quickly, as we know it from Facebook.

Insight 365 is based on IntraActive for Office 365 and is a portal for static information such as Policies, Brand Guide, Corporate Agreements, etc. The content is primarily managed centrally in the Egmont Group, but there is also local content for different target groups.

IntraActive functions as the central entrance to internal communication, knowledge sharing, and to all the internal information that an employee in the Egmont Group needs. Likewise, IntraActive also provides the employees a central access to all the various tools and systems that the individual employee uses daily.

Targeting a central feature
With Egmont's many companies, targeting is a central feature for making the Intranet relevant to the user. With IntraActive's module for targeting of navigation and tools, Egmont has an intranet solution that ensures an efficient digital workplace for employees.