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The organization was missing a unifying platform for knowledge sharing and communication


EKKOnet allows EKKOfonden to present the latest knowledge and information to the employees


EKKOnet gives the employees of the EKKOfonden important and relevant information about the organication, HR news and easy access to policies and guides

By focusing on quicker and more targeted communication in the organization, the EKKO Fond, in collaboration with ProActive, has launched an intranet called EKKOnet to benefit all employees.

With a focus on quality and relevance EKKOnet presents the latest knowledge and information to all employees. 

With EKKOnet the employees experience being part of an exciting organization where communication is vital for knowledge sharing and upholding the corporate culture. 

"Everyone has welcomed EKKOnet with open arms and we've made sure to announce that EKKOnet is where all information and internal communication can be found."

Malue Henriksen

intranet manager

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