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With IntraActive, Fitness24Seven supports its exansion in Scandinavia

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An information lift - giving the employees options for self service


The solution is delivered by Stratiteq

Fitness 24 Seven

Heightened knowledge sharing

In order to bind together a growing organization the chain of fitness centers Fitness24Seven needed an easy way to give emplyees access to the right information regardless of their location. With IntraActive, Fitness24Seven has established a modern intranet platform that saves time for the employees and has lead to increased participation and knowledge sharing.

"With the new intranet solution we've taken a holistic approach to ensure that everyone has access to the same information in the updated and correct version. We can get news and instructions broadcasted quickly while employees can share their knowledge in a more flexible and controlled way than before."

Annika Björk

Staff manager, Fitness24Seven

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