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Wanted to get away from emails as the primary communication channel


Because of Hiltra, the new intranet, Hillerød Forsyning has managed to minimize the level of "send to all" emails. Instead information is published on the intranet, accessible to all employees.

Hillerød Forsyning

Hiltra, the new intranet, is used to give employees the knowledge and communication they need. This is also where the organization communicates on all things internal. 

Since a large part of Hillerød Forsyning's employees are blue collar workers it's essential that they can access their new intranet through their mobile phone. With the IntraActive Mobile app all users have access to the intranet whether on a computer or with a smart phone in their pocket. Besides from showing the intranet's content the employees also use their new app as a phonebook as it contains contact information for all colleagues.

"Hiltra is already a great success. The entire organization has adopted our new intranet and knows that this is where they can find the latest communication and knowledge. We've discovered that there's been a need for the intranet across the organization."

Vivian Løcke Østergaard

Project Manager, Hillerød Forsyning