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Energi and raw materials


After the fusion with BACH Composite Industry in 2017 Jupiter Bach needed to strenghten organizational coherence


A central entrance to communication and information in the organization, supporting a unified organization

Organizational coherence

The new intranet functions as the central way in to communication and information in the organization, making it possible for the organization to work together as one unified company. By supporting organization coherence with digital tools, the company has gained the perfect basis for improved knowledge sharing, collaboration, communication and streamlining of business processes in the organization. 

"The introduction of Jupiter Bach’s new intranet has been an important step for us in sharing information across country borders and departments. The intranet is our 'front door' in all communication with our employees and doesn't just ensure knowledge sharing but also enables us to work together as one unified organization. Both management end employees in Jupiter Bach are excited and continuously work with both content and news, ensuring that our strong platform is constantly renewed and developed."

Jens Kristensen

CEO, Jupiter Bach

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