A digital meeting point

Nykredit has created a digital and personal meeting point




Nykredit wanted to go from the classic intranet to a new digital entry point for the employees.


The front page of Nykredit’s intranet is a digital meeting point where employees can gain their daily boost of Nykredit vitamins in the shape of news and information.

Nykredit's intranet is the meeting point for the entire organization

With the launch of Modern IntraActive Intranet Nykredit spotted their chance of improving their front page, making it personal, user friendly and targeted.

"We've been very happy working with ProActive. They've listened to our requests and we feel we've had a direct impact on the product development. We're also very happy for the community that exists between IntraActive customers. It's always inspiring to hear and see what others do. Our users and editors are pleased with our new frontpage that has opened up for even more relevant news and events."
Maj-Britt André
Seniorspecialist, Nykredit

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