Søstrene Grene

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Needed a joint platform for supporting organizational culture


An intranet that supports and promotes the corporate culture and identity


An efficient communication platform that makes it easy for employees to search for and find the information they need, and which helps to bring all the sisters closer together.

The most important aspect of Sisterhood, the intranet, is that it supports and strenghtens the corporate culture. Because of this, it has been vital for Søstrene Grene that their spirit and design became an integral part of the intranet and that the content supports their corporate values.  

"With our intranet, Sisterhood, we've created a joint digital platform for our internal communications. ProActive have been a good partner throughout the process and the result is an intranet that, through both look and content, supports our culture and contributes to creating unity across the organization."

Malene Lund Jørgensen

Internal Communication Responsible

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