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Our approach has always been to understand the users and their needs. This very much includes the editors who needs to feel safe and secure in the new digital solution. That is why we offer all our customers to join the IntraActive Community where they can participate in events, get guides and inspiration along with the most recent knowledge about IntraActive products and Microsoft 365.


As an IntraActive customer you don't just get a technology for the digital workplace - you also get to join an active community.

We throw several events for our users to strengthen both our product and their competencies. Furthermore we stay in constant dialogue with our customers through Yammer and newsletters, and last but not least, we have a strong guide site available for all customers. Here they can find guides and inspiration for all features in the IntraActive products.

Learning Management System

Modern organizations are recognized by their constant efforts in competency development and employee training which can often be quite costly for an organization. This is why we've developed a Learning Management System which ensures that employees always make the best possible use of the tools in Office365, thereby increasing corporate productivity.

As an IntraActive customer all your employees can access the Learning Management System and heighten their skills for Office365.

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