Organize your knowledge and obtain better quality

IntraActive Modus helps you structure processes and knowledge in your organization in order to achieve better quality.



Why choose IntraActive Modus?

Easy to use

IntraActive Modus is a Quality Management System that is easy to use for everyone in the organization.

Safe process

With our proven implementation process you will reach your goals with IntraActive Modus – quickly and efficiently.

Attractive price

The combination of IntraActive Modus and our efficient process allows your company to get a ready-for-use QMS within a fixed budget.

Future proof

IntraActive Modus is continuously expanded with new features both for the general user and for the specialist.

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Quality Control

IntraActive Modus manages every type of management- and quality handbooks with business processes and manuals. IntraActive Modus has a visual approach to relevant documents applying flowcharts.

Process Control

IntraActive Modus helps you to efficiently gain and keep the overview of the processes and documents that are important for operating your business.



Tools for organizing quality management and knowledge sharing in the organization. It is about defining structure, processes, roles and different document templates.


Gives the users the possibility to easily navigate from different graphic visualizations of e.g. a process oriented approach or through a user-friendly search function.


Providing tools for updating and revising procedure- and process descriptions that are linked to a lifecycle with notification of the QA Manager on revising content etc.

Content management

You can work with and organize many different types of content using templates, metadata and subjects.

Language management

With the language management feature the QA Manager can manage multiple language versions of a document.


The different types of users get a personalized interface that shows content based on their organizational or functional role and on the language they want.

From software to success

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Kick off

Kick off

Introduction – Vision – Project plan

The purpose of this initial activity is to define the vision for implementation of IntraActive Modus in your organization, introduce the implementation process and define roles and responsibility. This forms the basis for a common project plan.

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Needs – Structure – Taxonomy – Process

Clarification of both technical and business needs is an essential part of the process. Here the building blocks for configuration and process management for IntraActive Modus is defined. Clarification of for example content types, document structure, rights, metadata, taxonomy, navigation, filtrations and so on.

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Installation – Metadata – Templates – Navigation – Taxonomy

We implement and configure IntraActive Modus according to what was agreed upon in the clarification phase. IntraActive Modus is installed and metadata, taxonomy, content types and templates are configured.

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Adoption – Training – Governance – Support

To ensure that IntraActive Modus is adopted in your organization and that you are confident in using the solution we will train knowledge- and quality managers in SharePoint and IntraActive Modus.

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Follow up

Follow up

Return on investment – Needs – Roadmap

3 to 4 weeks after the training session we will have a follow up meeting to ensure that IntraActive Modus is adopted in your organization. It is clarified whether any actions should be taken for example if further training is needed or if other initiatives should be launched.

Start Goal



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