5 tips for a strong intranet

30-04-2018 How do you ensure a succesful intranet that users will actively seek out? Here are 5 tips for what you can do

We get a lot of inspiration, good ideas and useful input from our customers and that was especially true at our most recent Community event at Søstrene Grene. Here the participants showed of their own intranets and what they do to keep the platforms alive and to create user commitment. We've collected their good ideas in these 5 tips for a strong intranet. 

1. Make it personal

If the intranet has a name, it increases ownership and recognizability in the organization. With a name the intranet can become the users' friend rather than just a piece of technology. A good name is one that relates to the business and its line of work.

Examples from our customers:

  • Sisterhood - Søstrene Grene

  • Coura - Delacour

  • inFU- Finanssektorens Uddannelsescenter (FU)

A good way to come up with the name, that several of our customers have made use of is to have an internal competition where the employees can suggest their ideas. You can even give out a prize for the winning offer. By doing this the employees become invested in the new intranet, even before it's launched. 

2. Have management take the lead

Management support is one the most important requirements for projects that gives new habits to the employees. This also goes for intranet projects where staff has to adopt the new communication channel as part of their work day. Søstrene Grene replaced 'send to all' emails with their intranet which has meant a change in the habits of the employees. The process was made easier by solid management support, reflected in the managers themselves moving their communication to the intranet and stepping away from the emails. 

3. Remember the elements that can drive traffic

However weird it might sound, the canteen menu is often the most read content on many intranets. Even if it doesn't create any measurable value on its own, it can be the thing that ensures that users visit the intranet, thereby also coming across other interesting and relevant content.

Many of our customers choose to place the canteen menu on the bottom of the front page so visitors will be exposed to as much additional content as possible on the way to the menu. Grocery stores follow the exact same principle when they place the dairy section at the back of the store. 

4. Keep content updated

News are a key factor to keeping the intranet alive. So, like several of our customers have done, you can set up a weekly target for the number of news to post. Usually this can be between 3-5 per week. Doing so will keep users coming back to stay updated.

5. Plan your content and know who your target group is

With a set target for how many news to publish, a news series can ease the work load by giving a plan for what news to put out.

This could for instance be a monthly news article focusing on an employee and their work, with the employee answering questions about favourite products and similar to lighten the tone but still staying relevant to the business. A news series can also be product news, KPI updates or whatever else is relevant for the company and its employees.