5 tips for how the intranet can support the workplace at home

26-03-2020 During the COVID19 crisis a large part of the European workforce is working from home. The physical distance between employees tests internal communications. This is where the intranet has a chance to truly shine as the strong communication channel it can be. We are bringing you 5 tips for how you can use the intranet when people work from home.

1. Move Team and Department news away from emails and on to the intranet 
At  times it can be lonely to work from home and be isolated from ones co-workers. You might feel out of touch with business processes, the decisions being made and what your colleagues are working on. To alleviate this you can encourage team leads and other managers to share their internal team news on the intranet. In that way everyone can stay up to date on what goes on in the company, not just those CC'ed on an email. 

2. Share how your co-workers are working from home 
In a new way of life that sets new requirements for the motivation and commitment of employees it's important to keep a sense of team spirit of community going. One way of doing this can be to use the news on the intranet to check in with different colleagues and learn about their temporary workplace at home. It's nice to know you're not the only one struggling with taking care of the kids, feeling isolated and not eating the same varied lunch as was available at work. Create the news by doing small interviews and share pictures of their home offices. 

3. Mobile app with push
In these times it can be essential to reach employees with important news immediately and ensuring that everyone stays up to date with internal news, even if they don't check the intranet.  The IntraActive Mobile App can be used here as it enables you to send top news from the intranet as push notifications directly to the employees' phones. 

4. Promote likes and comments on intranet news 
As mentioned before it is important to avoid that co-workers sit at home and feel cut off from the rest of the company. A corporate culture that promotes likes and comments on news create a larger sense of community between employees. It can feel like a virtual pad on the back to get an acknowledgement which is needed these days where physical distance is part of everyday life.

5. Embed Yammer on the front page
Besides from the day to day tasks a typical work day also consists of coffee, lunch with colleagues and joking with your team mates. Yammer, a social network for organizations, can be used for social contact from a far. To make the employees aware of this communication channel you can embed Yammer on the front page of the intranet, so everyone can join the conversation.