Aalborg University's innovation department creates a new digital workplace

22-06-2020 The innovation department at Aalborg University is most often, as the name suggests, first movers. They are thus also the first department at Aalborg University to have created a modern digital workplace with intranet and Microsoft Teams as the central pieces of the puzzle.

AAU Innovation currently has over 100 employees in 3 locations. This can make it difficult to keep up with what your colleagues are working on. Who knows what, who works with what and how do one's tasks fit inside the overall picture? The innovation department was previously used to communicating exclusively by email, which meant that important news could easily get lost in the crowd and that only those who dared to send to all contributed to the dialogue. The organization needed a place to gather key information and to share knowledge, inspiration and results with each other across management, areas and project silos.

From the initial presentation of the IntraActive Intranet, AAU Innovation was certain: Here was the product that could hold the department's digital cockpit and be the employees' mutual starting point.

The intranet provides a comprehensive access to the information you need as an employee at AAU Innovation. It gives us new - and more dynamic - opportunities to share knowledge about the things that affect us all and the things happening in the separate teams. Everyone can contribute, and it's easy.” - Morten Randbøll and Kalle Mølbak Pedersen, Innovation, Aalborg University

In parallel with the intranet project, the Innovation Department has also, with the help of Fellowmind, adopted Yammer and Microsoft Teams for daily knowledge sharing and team collaboration.

For all 3 platforms, the original project plan in these months was to focus on training and adoption, but due to the Corona crisis, the adoption has occurred naturally. When everyone had to work from home, the intranet, Teams and Yammer suddenly became a natural part of the daily work. Now the more than 100 employees in the Innovation Department finally has a digital workplace where they can easily communicate with each other, find updated and relevant information about policies, COVID-19 precautions and more, and all on platforms where security is top notch.

As the adoption of the new tools has taken place organically, the focus has shifted away from adoption to supporting and guiding, so that users get the best out of their new digital workplace right from the start. Which is why the Innovation department also uses IntraActive Learning, the most complete learning platform in Denmark with courses on Microsoft 365 tools.

About Aalborg University

Aalborg University's educations and research are problem- and project-based, with a focus on the interdisciplinary. AAU Innovation aims to support and promote AAU's knowledge collaboration and relationships with the surrounding environment, e.g. through management and development of networks, strategic partnerships and corporate matchmaking.