Abacus Medicine has given their employees what they want with a new intranet

10-02-2021 The pharmaceutical company Abacus Medicine has made internal information and communication easily accessable for all employees on their new intranet: Access.

Abacus Medicine is a company in rapid growth. Since its inception in 2004, Abacus Medicine now has over 1,000 employees in 8 countries. What used to work with few employees was no longer enough. An employee survey revealed that Abacus Medicine lacked a joint place to distribute information and communication. The time had come to launch the company's first intranet.

Experienced partners
Fellowminds consultants have extensive experience with pharmaceutical companies, so Abacus Medicine was confident in collaborating with us in building their new intranet, as a successful intranet for pharmaceutical companies requires a certain understanding of the industry's unique setup.

After COVID-19 forced the project online, Abacus Medicine feared it could be a hindrance. But also in this respect, Fellowminds consultants were equipped to provide the experienced and professional consultation required to launch Access on time.

Rome was not built in a day, nor is Access built to be all-encompassing from day 1. Abacus Medicine understands that an intranet is never finished. They have therefore chosen to focus the first phase on gathering all internal communication and HR information for Denmark, Hungary and the Netherlands. Later, the content of the remaining countries will follow.

Treasure hunt on the intranet
Access' users have been involved in the creation of the new intranet from the start, as the project team wanted to ensure that the users could recognize themselves in the final result. Among other things, by using user tests which reveal whether the navigation is intuitive.

Everyone could see that something big was on its way, especially in the month before go-live. The employees' internet homepage showed a countdown to the launch day, in addition to screenshots and descriptions of the upcoming solution to entice excitement.

On the day of the launch the project team had planned a lot of fun activities, including a treasure hunt on the intranet. The Abacus Medicine logo was stored in 5 different colors around the intranet, and the first 10 people who found them all won a prize. Many employees participated in the fun treasure hunt and thus got to look through large parts of the intranet.

A valuable collaboration

“We have been very happy collaborating with Fellowmind. It has been valuable to work with consultants who understand our situation and who have taken us by the hand and guided us all the way. We have an intranet that meets the wishes of the users' and which supports that Abacus Medicine is one unified organization. The info screens and the mobile app help us reach all users, even those without daily access to a computer. Access has made information and communication easily accessible to all of Abacus Medicine. ” - Sandra Hjorth Wolner, Project Coordinator & Ida Goltermann, Communication Consultant, Abacus Medicine

About Abacus Medicine
Abacus Medicine sells original, prescription drugs in Europe using parallel imports. Abacus Medicine is the market leader in the distribution of the most expensive drugs, such as chemotherapy drugs for cancer treatment and immunosuppressants following organ transplants.