Adoption on the Intranet

07-06-2018 New systems mean new habits, which automatically creates opposition in the organization. So even though you look forward to presenting the new intranet to your colleagues, they might not look forward to changing their ways of doing things. That is why it is vital to combine the launch of an intranet with adoption.

Adoption is the effort you make to ensure that your users adopt a new system, a new function or a brand new intranet platform. If you just push the button and launch the system without any plan for adoption, you risk having users who are both unaware of and opposed to the new change. But, if you on the other hand do have a clear and precise plan including various adoption activities, you can make the implentation and adoption smooth and trouble free. 

Adoption can be supported by:

A communication plan

This is where you plan who your target audiences are, what to communicate with them and how. The right communication can ensure that the entire organization, from end user to manager, supports the new intranet and recognizes its value. 


If the office suddenly includes a cardboard cutout, a poster or new mousepads on all desks, people will be quick to spot that a change is coming. One of our customers was succesful in placing a cupcake with a note on all desks. The note included a few details about the new intranet with information on who to contact if you wanted to know more, while the cake ensured a good first impression of the new platform. 


Without targetted training you can end up with an intranet that no one knows how to use. Not even the editors, even though they are the ones who can provide the content that will keep the intranet alive and well. Training can be performed in many different ways. Most importantly, it must be done at the right time and with targetted lessons exploring the tools people are going to use the most.  

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In the quick talk video to the right, our business consultant Pernille Bernth shares more information about adoption of the intranet and gives 3 good tricks for what to include in every adoption project.