Targeting creates relevant intranets at BDO in Denmark and BDO in Norway

12-04-2021 BDO in Denmark and BDO in Norway both use IntraActive Intranet for targeted communication and knowledge sharing

One of the very first Modern IntraActive Intranets was implemented at BDO Denmark, and they have been so happy that BDO in Norway has  also adopted the platform. The Norwegian intranet was launched in early 2021.

Efficient delivery despite geographical distances and Corona

Despite the fact that all meetings and workshops have taken place via the home office, the Norwegian intranet has been delivered in a short time during an efficient process. Thanks to a dedicated project team, great commitment and effective collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, the intranet was launched on time. Users have welcomed their new modern communication platform with open arms.

Targeting creates relevance

Both the Norwegian and Danish intranets publish many targeted news a day, which makes the intranet vibrant and relevant. In both countries, BDO consists of several local offices and several different service areas, so targeting is the alpha and omega of ensuring personalized content for all employees. Intranet users can easily follow subject-specific news in their own field, while there is also room for other topics, such as IT messages and COVID-19 updates.

BDO takes control of Microsoft Teams

During the working from home phase, BDO has seen a large increase in the creation of new teams in Microsoft Teams. Therefore, BDO has recently adopted IntraActive Governance to structure and control Microsoft Teams. Using templates and company-specific metadata, the organization can maintain an overview of both existing and newly created teams, while the new team creation portal makes team creation user-friendly and structured.

We are very happy with our intranet and the technology behind it. The fact that it is Software as a Service means that we have to worry less about updates. This happens all by itself and means that the core elements of our intranet are quality-assured and continuously updated. We have been pleased with the collaboration with the product team behind IntraActive Intranet, who makes us feel heard when we provide input and ideas. The intranet is our common digital workplace that supports our strategy by offering a relevant, updated and user-friendly approach to news, collaboration, knowledge sharing, competencies and learning.” Simon Warnich, Digital Business Developer and Project Manager, BDO Denmark

About BDO

BDO in Denmark and BDO in Norway are consulting and auditing companies, both of which are part of BDO International Limited. BDO in Denmark employs more than 1300 employees in 32 offices, and BDO in Norway consists of 1700 employees in more than 70 offices. Internationally, BDO is located worldwide with approx. 90,000 employees in more than 165 countries.