We've made it even easier to be an IntraActive User

29-09-2021 With a new contact form we've made it even easier for our users to make feature requests and report issues.

The IntraActive product team is always ready to hear what our customers have to say and to help whenever they experience issues. That's why we've made it even easier to get help. 

We've added a contact form in the admin-center of IntraActive Intranet where editors and administrators can quickly describe their questions, requests or issues and send directly to the product team.

Product development in collaboration with our customers

We develop our products daily and always with the needs of our users front of mind. That is why it's important to us that our customers find it easy to make feature requests and report possible issues. 

Easy to be a customer

Besides from the new contact form we have several other features that makes it easy to get help. These include:

  • All documentation in one place: We've collected all guides and documentation in one place so editors and administrators can easily get step by step guides for how to use the different IntraActive Intranet modules.
  • Help texts When an editor or administrator creates new content in IntraActive Intranet they will be presented with helpful descriptions for the features that aren't as self explanatory. 
  • Editor course in IntraActive Learning: New editors can quickly get started with their editors tasks after taking the just 45 minute long IntraActive Intranet course in IntraActive Learning.