Create single access across handbooks and guides

30-06-2021 It is now possible to create one shared access across several different handbooks. This is especially useful if you want to group content across handbooks in the mobile app or on the intranet.

Do you miss having one easy to use entry to your knowledge bank, guides or processes? Do you miss being able to retrieve information quickly when you are on the go? With our content portal, you can now create one common access to knowledge that can be accessed both from the intranet and from the mobile app.

The new content portal makes it possible to collect and gather several handbooks in one place. The portal gives the user an overview of selected manuals, as well as the ability to search through their content.

The content portal is of course available on the intranet, but it can also be displayed in the IntraActive mobile app, so the user has all policies and guidelines at hand.

Help the user find their way

The manuals created through the content organizer in IntraActive Intranet can be used for several different things, but typically they are used for collections of guides and/or policies. The new portal can thus help the user to search across the manuals, whether they need an IT guide, an employee policy or a process description.

The content portal is the obvious tool for onboarding new employees who want to get to know their new workplace. Just give them access to the portal and they can find all the information they need to get off to a good start.

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