The Content Organizer is the intranet editor's new favorite tool

11-02-2021 Give your employees an appetizing and user friendly access to the employee handbook

About the Content Organizer
The Content Organizer is a tool that allows the intranet editors to visually present the content on their intranet, especially manuals, guides and other collections of content.

The Content Organizer comes with a handbook template that includes our new Content Map. The Content Map can show an overview of the content found in the handbook, both in the shape of pages, documents and links. It can also be referred to as ‘the local navigator’, as the content map follows and guides users on their way around the content organizer’s content.

Governance overview

With the Content Organizer we provide the opportunity to work with tags, revision date and content manager. In addition, a Governance overview which presents the editor with the pages they are responsible for and if they require updates. The content organizer is thus designed to provide structure and to support our customers' own governance policies.