DLF reaches across the world with a new intranet

02-07-2020 For a global company like DLF, it can be difficult to ensure a common culture and direction across business areas and countries. That is why DLF has launched a new culture-bearing intranet that will embrace all 2,000 users.

DLF, headquartered in Roskilde, is a worldwide seed producer, with subsidiaries around the world, from Uruguay to New Zealand. Such a size can make it challenging to maintain a corporate culture and ensure that everyone works towards the same goals. Therefore, DLF has launched a new strategy to ensure a common understanding of mission and strategy. As part of this strategy, it was clear that the organization had to have a companywide intranet.

Before, several of the subsidiaries had their own intranet, while others did not have one at all, but used emails or the likes to reach out to the organization. Ease of use has therefore been an important requirement for the project group, so that both those with greater technological experience, as well as those without, can embrace the new platform. IntraActive Intranet has proven to be the right platform for the purpose. With great use of personalization and targeting, users have been given a DLF intranet, which shows relevant news and information, and which ensures that everyone has a common understanding of the business and its goals.

The intranet project took place in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis and with stakeholders from all over the world. Despite these challenges, we managed to reach the deadline with the desired goals. The process has even been so time efficient that it has created room for further development in the project.

DLF’s intranet consists of 5 main parts: 4 local sites for the 4 different continents DLF is in, as well as a 5th unifying corporate intranet. The news that was previously shared by email to each location can now be pushed out across national borders and time zones. For example, global management often writes news that everyone can read and that helps to create the corporate culture that was the goal of the digital strategy and the intranet.

Our new intranet has been very well received by our users all over the world. It has enabled us to gather important information and news that ensures that everyone has a common understanding of DLF's culture and strategy.” - Casper Resenbro, Strategy Manager

About DLF

DLF is a global company that breeds, produces and markets seeds for agriculture, private and professional lawn grass, seeds for sugar and beets, and other crops. DLF has over 2,000 employees, spread over 20 countries and 16 different subsidiaries.