EKJ has taken charge over Microsoft Teams with IntraActive Governance for Microsoft Teams

28-09-2020 EKJ has matured their digital project management with structured use of Microsoft Teams

As a project organization EKJ has a large need for structured project management so that the right project participants gain access to the right documents and collaborative spaces.

That is why the collaboration and communication platform Microsoft Teams now has an important part to play in the digital project management of EKJ. The organization quickly realized that the creation of new teams can easily get out of control. In collaboration with ProActive, EKJ found a solution with the use of the product IntraActive Governance for Microsoft Teams. The product provides the administrative layer needed to gain control over Microsoft Teams.

3 Templates provides an overview

IntraActive Governance for Microsoft Teams includes a provisional engine that gives organizations control of the creation of team and which automizes the team lifecycle, from cradle to grave, using company specific workflows and policies.

With IntraActive Governance for Microsoft Teams EKJ has developed 3 team templates to match most of their different project types:

  • Quick team: The quick internal collaboration team
  • External Collaboration team: The external collaboration team with the option of inviting external collaborators to join the team
  • Social team: The social team that supports EKJ’s local bike club, wine club and similar activities

Each of the three templates comes with a series of additional data and workflows that ensure that the organization can gain an overview of their teams. For instance, each team is given a prefix for easy differentiation. EKJ and ProActive have also defined and automated different policies to make it easy to manage the numerous teams, depending on the template they are based upon.

Take for instance a quick team: After 100 days the owners must consider if the team is still relevant. There’s also a policy stating that all teams, regardless of template, needs a minimum of two owners, in case of sudden organizational changes or illness.

A safe introduction for the users

At EKJ Microsoft Teams has replaced Skype for Business, meaning some users still do not feel confident in using Microsoft Teams. To accomodate them the provisional engine is linked to the learning management platform, IntraActive Learning, where EKJ’s employees can learn to get the best out of Microsoft Teams.

We’ve been very happy with our use of IntraActive Intranet for our intranet and we were quick to see the value of IntraActive Governance for Microsoft Teams for managing and controlling our use of Teams. The project has been efficient and we’ve gained a lot from increasing the knowledge of Teams for our employees through IntraActive Learning.” Says Thomas Petersson, IT-Manager, EKJ.

About EKJ

EKJ is an independent consulting engineering company which advises and assists its customers in relation to planning, design, follow-up and management within installation, environment and construction. EKJ has offices across Denmark in addition to two subsidiaries and a branch in Bulgaria. EKJ employs over 250 people.