EKKOfonden puts focus on quick and targeted communication with EKKOnet

19-03-2019 At the beginning of March, the EKKOfonden launched EKKOnet; an intranet platform that provides all employees with information about the organization, staff news and news from the departments around the country, as well as professional instructions and guidelines.

About EKKOfonden
EKKOfonden is a commercial fund that offers accommodation, specially adapted offers and support in the homes of vulnerable.
The purpose is to create a safe environment for the individual resident, a meaningful everyday life and a dignified life. The EKKOfonden has offers all over the country and the employees include pedagogue, nurses, social workers, service staff and administrative staff.

With a focus on faster and more targeted communication in the organization, EKKOfonden, in collaboration with Fellowmind, has launched an intranet, called EKKOnet, for the benefit of all employees.
With a focus on quality and well-being, EKKOnet gives the opportunity to constantly present the latest knowledge and information to employees. This involves, among other things:

  • Professional guides
  • Employee handbook
  • Staff news
  • News from EKKOfonden's offers
  • News from the Executive Board

With EKKOnet, the employee must experience being part of an exciting organization, where communication is important for the knowledge sharing and thus the quality of the organization.
"EKKOnet has been very well received, but we have also" advertised "for the solution over the past few months, and emphasized that all information and internal communication about the EKKOfonden is to be found at EKKOnet" (Malue Henriksen, intranet manager at EKKOfonden)

Besides special focus on news and information, there is also a focus on making guides and handbooks available to the employees. This applies, for example:

  • Employee handbook
  • HR administration handbook
  • Pedagogical handbook

Until now, guides and instructions have been spread on several drives - now they are assembled in a place where accessibility for the employee is simple and straightforward and thus also a guarantee that the employees always find the latest update.

Guides and news are also available from the mobile app, which is a great help for those employees who do not have their daily work in front of a PC.
EKKOnet thus manages to gather all knowledge and information in one place and make this available to all employees at any time and anywhere.