FGU East Jutlands new intranet supports the community feeling

22-04-2021 The new intranet at FGU East Jutland has become the users' new digital meeting place.

At FGU East Jutland, community is a core value and they strive for the employees across their 6 departments to experience being part of a common school environment. Therefore, in the autumn of 2020, they entered into a collaboration with ProActive on the development of a new intranet, based on IntraActive Intranet, which will function as a digital meeting place for the approximately 150 employees.

The primary purpose of the intranet at FGU East Jutland is to develop a communication and knowledge sharing platform that is accessible to all employees at FGU. The intranet must be where it is possible to share and find news and updates across FGU and where employees can easily access the knowledge, tools and information they need in their daily work.

One of the intranet's main functions is to replace some of the communication that has previously taken place in news channels in Teams and has been shared via emails. In future, the intranet will be the common internal news channel in FGU East Jutland, while departments, groups and projects will still use Teams to share knowledge and information within, for example, the department.

User-friendly and efficient

FGU East Jutland's intranet solution has been created in collaboration between ProActive and a project group from FGU East Jutland. Through a series of online meetings on needs and development of concrete solutions, we have created a user-friendly and flexible setup that meets many of the institution's needs.

"It's cool that the system itself is workable and that everything is so user friendly. At the same time, we are pleased with the collaboration with IntraActive in relation to development. We feel that we are taken seriously when we come to them - both when it comes to challenges in the systems and when it comes to new ideas and needs that go beyond the existing solutions.

Mads, IT Coordinator

The expectation for the current solution is that it is a solid foundation for a number of the communication solutions that FGU East Jutland wants. With both the intranet as a desktop version, as an app and module for managing info screens, they have been given the opportunity to collect a lot of functions centrally and at the same time reach a wide audience.

"We have really felt both heard and understood by the consultants in the development of our intranet. They have listened and offered expert guidance to utilize both Sharepoint Modern as a whole and IntraActive's special webparts to build a solution that helps with exactly those challenges. We would like to solve. We have been given a really good opportunity to communicate across the institution, both broadly and purposefully, and we have reached our goal of building a solid and user-friendly toolbox for our employees."

Malene, communications officer

The entire project process has, due to the circumstances in Denmark, happened via Microsoft Teams, and even though it has been new and different for all parties, it has also been a good experience. FGU East Jutland launched their intranet solution at the end of March and everyone has responded super well to the new common intranet.

About FGU East Jutland

FGU stands for Preparatory Basic Education and is an offer for everyone under the age of 25 who wants to prepare for a vocational education, high school education or to get a job. FGU East Jutland has 6 departments in East Jutland, each with their own subject areas.