FoodService Denmark reaches everyone in the organization with Intranet and Infoscreen

14-05-2018 With infoscreens and intranet FoodService Denmark manages to reach the entire organization, from warehouse to office and across locations.

When your employees are spread across locations with many not sitting before a computer, it can be difficult to create a sense of community and to reach everyone with internal communications. When they faced that problem, FoodService Denmark chose to implement a combined intranet and infoscreen solution, ensuring communication and information to both office staff, drivers, warehouse workers and shop employees. 

Short process

FoodService Denmark had a clear strategy for choosing a standard intranet product that already contained functionality and that is continously updated with new features. 

As it matched their needs, FoodService Denmark chose IntraActive and in November 2015 the implementation was initiated with a steering committee and project group that all contributed with ideas, requests and decision making. As soon as January 2016 FoodNet was launched and ever since, it has been a central tool for communicating news, good ideas, successes and knowledge. 

How the intranet is used

With many locations and over 1200 employees working at different hours the intranet is a vital tool for communicating news and providing employees with knowledge and tools. 

”Whether you are here at 4 AM or 4 PM this is where you can go to get the latest information” (Susanne Brandborg, HR Partner)

Infoscreens as a key tool for communication

Over half the employees in FoodService Denmark don't have access to a PC as their jobs take place in the warehouse, in trucks or in shops. But these employees are just as important to reach as those working in the office. That is why the IntraActive Infoscreens have become a vital component of FoodNet, which is used in more than 40 different locations. 

InfoScreens are used for many different topics, big or small.

Infoscreens are used to present the canteen menu...

For informing about important activities…


For inspiration…


For sharing the good stories thereby supporting corporate strategy...

The Infoscreens are also used to get employees to visit FoodNet. When you walk by an infoscreen in the canteen or reception you can read short snippets of what goes on, on the intranet.

The infoscreens have proven to be one of the largest wins of the intranet because they reach such a broad audience.

”The employees use the infoscreens a lot (…) We use infoscreens to get our users onto the intranet (…) And for broadcasting information to our employees” (Susanne Brandborg, HR Partner).

Supporting corporate culture

Besides strengthening communication the intranet also supports corporate culture by focusing on the employees and creating a feeling of community. Under the title of "Cultural ambassadors" new employees are regularly presented. They share information about themselves and their job in FoodService Denmark and it has become some of the most read content on FoodNet, helping to strengthening the strategic efforts for culture and collaboration.

Management support 

The intranet is backed by the management who recently started making regular updates on a management blog where they can maintain a dialogue with the employees.  

”It's been a good way for the management to get in touch with the employees” (Susanne Brandborg, HR Partner)

The infoscreens have also been used to broadcast information meetings throughout the country for all employees. With IntraActive, FoodService Denmark reaches the entire organization - from warehuse to office to management. 


  • FoodService Denmark was founded in 2004

  • FoodService Denmark consists of a series of specialized divisions fit to deliver all types of food to professional kitchens

  • With a national distribution net FoodService Denmark can provide service to its customers all year round

  • There are 1200 employees in FoodService Denmark, with 500 working in warehouse and 500 in shops

  • Foodservice Denmark has 29 shops and 2 distribution warehouses 

FoodService Denmarks intranet og infoscreen (3:42 min.):