Governance of the content on the intranet

06-04-2021 New content you've just created on the intranet can feel just like a spring infatuation. The content is accurate, relevant and just the way it's supposed to be. But time passes and the value of the content decreases. Because is it maintained? Is it still relevant and accurate?

Ok, it's hard to make a 1: 1 comparison between a love affair and intranet content, but anyone who has worked with content on the intranet knows that it's easy to build the first time, but it's the maintenance that's the hard part. Employees change roles and work, and time passes with other tasks.

We are now launching a governance module for Intranet content in the form of pages, documents and images created via our Content Organizer module. The governance overview provides administrators with an overview of all content and the content that is not maintained will be easily identified.

Governance overview

Editors can keep track of the content for which they are responsible via "My Content" in the Content Creator.

The governance overview shows a comprehensive overview of all content across content organizers. You can see who is responsible, the revision date as well as a status of the content. The page shows both pages and documents and it is possible to both search and filter to find content.