Hillerød Forsyning builds a modern intranet in just 2 months

21-09-2020 Hillerød Forsyning and ProActive A/S have proven that it is possible to build and launch a modern intranet in just 2 months, even without a single physical meetings.

No physical meetings

Hillerød Forsyning's intranet project went live on the 1st of April. At that time, the COVID-19 policy of both ProActive and Hillerød Forsyning was to avoid physical meetings. Therefore, kick-off took place over Microsoft Teams. The meeting worked so well that all subsequent workshops, build meetings, learning sessions, etc. also took place online. One would think this would give rise to a lot of challenges, but contrary to expectations, it resulted in such great efficiency and drive that the intranet was launched only 2 months after kick-off.

No more "send to all" emails

Hiltra, as the new intranet is named, is used to provide employees with the knowledge and communication they need. Here they can find the employee handbook with internal policies and rules and see what today's menu in the canteen is. This is also where the organization communicates about big and small. Due to Hiltra, Hillerød Forsyning has managed to minimize the level of so-called "send to all" emails. Instead, the information is available on the intranet, which all employees have access to.

A mobile intranet

As a large part of the organization’s employees are in the field, it is essential for them that their new intranet also has mobile access. With the IntraActive Mobile App, all users have access to the intranet, whether they are sitting at a computer or have a smartphone in their pocket. In addition to displaying the content of the intranet, employees also use their new app as a phone book, as it contains the contact information of all their colleagues.

"Hiltra is already a great success. The whole organization has enthusiastically welcomed our new intranet and knows that this is where they can find the latest communication and knowledge. We have discovered that there has been a completely unconscious need for the intranet across the organization.” says Vivian Løcke Østergaard - Project Manager, Hillerød Forsyning

About Hillerød Forsyning

Hillerød Forsyning is a group consisting of 8 companies, which together handle Hillerød's wastewater, waste management, heating, waste, etc.