IntraActive mobile app

08-10-2018 Reaching your employees with important information has never been easier...

September 28th this year marked a milestone for IntraActive. On this day, we launched the first version of IntraActive mobile app; the app that helps our customers share success stories, management information, operational information and important announcements with their employees.

Selected features

The app has been underwhile for some time, but nonetheless it has been worth the wait. The carefully selected features demonstrate that we have decided to focus on facilitating and strengthening communication to employees on the go and to those simply checking their phone during breaks or on the way home.

The primary goal for the app is to enable communication of small as well as business critical matters. News from the intranet flow easily into the app and make it simple and interesting to keep track of what is happening in the organization. Notifications are ticking in on a daily basis to keep employees informed about details that are relevant for them in their role, on their location and in their department. Critical operational messages are displayed on the locked screen as push messages and notify users of events that require actions to be taken here and now.

Our app - your identity

Aside from the content itself, one of the best features of the app is the ability to adapt it to match the visual identity of your company in terms of colours and logo. The content can also be configured with different layouts that fit your temper and needs. Some content can be displayed in image rotators, some with captivating tiles and some simply with text and title. 

What is next?

New features will continue to flow into the app in a steady stream. The next versions of the app will contain an employee directory, enabling users to search for colleagues, as well as a handbook module that ensures policies and guidelines are readily available at user demand. Oh, and there is much more to come.

Appen er tilgængelig til både iPhone og Android telefoner.

Take a look at what you can do with IntraActive mobile app: