LEMAN's intranet belongs to the employees

10-10-2020 The global transport and logistics company LEMAN has launched a new intranet for all of the company's 700 employees, where they can collaborate and communicate across countries, departments and roles.

Previously, LEMAN had an intranet based on standard SharePoint. It allowed only top-down communication from the head quarters in Greve, Denmark. In addition, it was not available to LEMAN warehouse staff who do not have daily access to a computer. It was even said about the old intranet that it was installed, not implemented. Therefore, LEMAN's vision for their new intranet was to create a platform where all employees can participate and feel ownership.

A vibrant community for customers

The company knew they wanted an external supplier. The old intranet was built by former employees, and after they left LEMAN, the solution could no longer be supported. The technology choice for the new intranet landed on IntraActive Intranet, especially due to the product's strong focus on user-friendliness and employee-driven content. At the same time, the IntraActive Mobile App is a great advantage for LEMAN, as it can be used to reach the employees who do not sit at a computer on a daily basis. For LEMAN, it was an additional plus that IntraActive Intranet has a vibrant community among its customers. If you seek help, we have a guide site with instructions for all modules, and if you have product wishes, we have a Yammer network, where there is active dialogue between our customers and product team.

The employees' own intranet

The new intranet has been named OurLEMAN, and it's not just an empty phrase. The intranet must belong to the employees and feel relevant, whether you are sitting in the American office in Milwaukee or in Nuuk, Greenland. Therefore, several employee representatives from across the countries were involved in the project, so they could express their wishes for the new intranet. In addition, several editorial forums have been established for the various communication channels that the new intranet contains. In fact, there are 10 different channels. From Corporate News about e.g. the new branch office in Stavanger, to local departmental news about forgotten keys.

An intranet for the organization

Where the old intranet lacked a proper hold of the organization, the employees have already welcomed the new solution. In addition to all the new content, LEMAN has chosen to retain elements from the old intranet that on one hand works and on the other is recognizable. In addition, the design is kept in the organization's blue and red colors and targeting ensures that the content is relevant.


“Our users are very happy with their new intranet. We see great commitment to the solution, even though it is still new. There are likes and comments galore.” Birgitte Hansson, Group Marketing and Communication Director, LEMAN