Maersk Broker launches a new modern intranet

04-09-2019 Maersk Broker has launched a new modern intranet based on IntraActive and Modern SharePoint.

Maersk Broker has just launched a new modern intranet for the company's employees, which is spread all over the world. The launch of the new intranet is led by a modernization of Maersk Broker's IT platform and the transition to cloud-based (Office 365) product awareness tools. Therefore, the new intranet has been created on the latest version of IntraActive (SaaS) and Modern SharePoint.

The new intranet will function as a common communication and collaboration platform for the entire global organization, and the solution includes IntraActive Info Screens which are used in meeting rooms, receptions and canteens worldwide. In addition, the solution provides access to regularly updated company guidelines and instructions.

Need for mobile intranet

Maersk Broker is a global ship brokerage company established in 1914, marked as a leader in the purchase & sale of ships, building and chartering with just over 260 employees in offices in 15 countries. Employees travel a lot and thus need to be able to access and use the intranet with mobile devices. Therefore, the new intranet solution makes use of the IntraActive Mobile App, which offers a version of the intranet that is optimized for use on smartphones and tablets.

With IntraActive, we have a modern and future-proof intranet solution based on a standard product. The intranet is our users' entrance to the modern digital workplace based on the possibilities that exist with Office 365. The implementation process has taken place in collaboration with Fellowmind,” Bo Steen Nyegaard, director, IT manager