Naviair has taken flight with a modern, productive and easy-to-use intranet

27-04-2021 With a clear vision, innovative communication and strong management support, Naviair has launched a modern digital meeting place.

Dusty and out of date

Previously, Naviair used an old standard version of SharePoint for their intranet. Without continuous development and with unused pages and portals, there was a lack of overview and user-friendliness on the old intranet. The custom news module had even broken down and could not be fixed when transitioning to Edge as the default browser. The time had come to escape the old clutter, and create a new modern intranet.

A credible advisor

The corona crisis has been tough for many, including Naviair. But the silver living was that Naviair's communications department finally had the time and resources it needed to build a new intranet. As Naviair had already worked with ProActive on a previous project, the organization was quick to select ProActive as a partner and credible advisor. At the same time, ProActive's intranet product, IntraActive Intranet, had the features and modern look that was needed on the new intranet.

Pragmatic vision

When an IntraActive Intranet is delivered, it is a fixed part of the delivery to uncover the strategy for the intranet. this was an important and valuable part of the process for Naviair, as it allowed them to clarify exactly what purpose the intranet was to serve. Naviair's vision for the upcoming intranet was not only usable during the building phase, but has even proven to be a guide after the launch, forming the framework for several decisions. Naviair's new intranet will ensure knowledge and commitment to Naviair's goals and strategy, as well as strengthen dialogue locally and across the organization. With strong management support and ongoing involvement of the organization's employees, we have succeeded in creating a digital platform that fulfills the vision.

A warm reception

In March, Naviair went live with their new intranet. Due to working from home, the project work, communication and go-live took place online. This has given space to innovative communication channels, such as using specially-designed Teams backgrounds to announce the upcoming intranet. Naviair's intranet has unique graphics and the symbolic name INSITE. It has several meanings, such as the use of English in aviation and for air traffic controllers. Naviair's employees have welcomed their new digital meeting place with open arms, and are particular fond of the user-logical access to other systems and features such as likes and comments that let them interact with the intranet and each other.

We have been very pleased with the collaboration with ProActive. They are professional, trustworthy and skilled and have the latest knowledge on how to build a modern intranet. We are particularly pleased with the community that exists among IntraActive's customers, as well as with the user manuals, which are ready to use. We feel we can influence the development of the product and we experience that our input is welcomed. Naviair's users are very happy with their new modern intranet, INSITE. We have managed to create a digital platform that users take ownership of and can contribute to the development of.”- Helle Kogsbøll Communications Adviser, Naviair.

About Naviair

Naviair ensures safe and efficient air traffic control in Danish airspace. Naviair is an independent public company and 100% owned by the Danish state, where the ownership lies with the Minister of Transport. Naviair has approx. 600 employees in 9 locations in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.