Take control of news with our new approval feature

02-03-2021 You can now let certain types of news go through an approval flow before they're published on the intranet

Some organizations require certain types of news to go through an editorial process. 

With the news module in IntraActive Intranet, we now offer the opportunity to work smoothly and easily with approval of news and notifications. The new authentication feature makes it easy for a user to send a news item for approval to, for example, the communications department before it can be published under top news on the front page of the intranet.

SharePoint offers little opportunity to work with the approval workflow of pages and elements, but it is often a little challenging for a user or editor to fully figure out where and how they are working with an approval process for a news item. There may be an email from SharePoint, or you need to go searching through page libraries and site collections.

Overview and simplicity are demanded by users and editors, when they have to create and publish a news item on the Intranet and attach an approval function, it must be more than simple. Otherwise, we may risk content not appearing on the Intranet.

The approval feature is carried out by the user going to our Content Creator, the module in the IntraActive Intranet where the user can create all the content he has access to on the intranet. Here there is a tab called "Waiting for approval" and under that tab the user can see the approval status on the news or handbook page that he has added for approval. At the same time, the news editor can see the news that she has to approve and she can read through and possibly adjust the text and publish the news.

The approver and the "publisher" thus both have a place where they have an overview of what is ready for approval and  all content on the intranet that must be approved. We call it "One stop approval".

It is possible to have several different types of news on the intranet and it is therefore possible to indicate that only certain types of news require approval. This allows a democratic news flow for one type of news, while the approval function creates control over the "corporate" news.