The intranet front page is the digital gathering point in Nykredit

08-03-2021 With the launch of Modern IntraActive Intranet Nykredit saw their chance to make their intranet front page relevant, user friendly and targeted.

Major product developments in IntraActive Intranet can often be the starting point for our customers to rethink and redesign their intranet solution. This was also the case at the bank Nykredit. When IntraActive Intranet became available on Modern SharePoint, it gave Nykredit the opportunity to explore how their intranet could meet users' needs even better.

A digital gathering point

Where the front page of Nykredit's intranet was previously a classic news portal, the company wanted to turn the front page into a digital gathering point where employees can get their daily boost of Nykredit vitamins in the form of news and information. This is also where you can start your collaboration and boost the working day with easy links to digital tools. After the switch to Modern IntraActive, Nykredit's intranet front page gives a clear sense of community, which is especially important during these times of working from home.

Side by side

Nykredit has done a so-called side by side project. That is, their intranet undergoes a smooth transition from the Classic IntraActive Intranet to the Modern IntraActive Intranet with the front page as the first jerk. A Side by Side project has the clear advantage that the platform change does not require a lot of resources here and now. In return the workload can be carried out over time.

Both users and editors are happy with the new platform. The editors in particular have rejoiced at how much user-friendliness there is on Modern IntraActive, and how easy it has therefore been to create new content.

News at eye level

Nykredit's intranet continues to have news atthe forefront, but with an increased focus on making them easily accessible and relevant. They have achieved this goal by involving employees even more in both news images, news and quotes. At the same time, the majority of the news is targeted at the individual reader, for example based on their department, location or title. In the Nykredit Newspaper, which is accessible from the front page, you can find all the news, so it is possible to keep up with all corners of the business.

Events have also gained a prominent role on the intranet. Everyone can now see upcoming courses and events - both those that are targeted at oneself, but also those that otherwise take place in the organization. In this way, you can, for example, sign up for a basic course in SCRUM or follow an interesting tech talk.

We have been really happy with the collaboration with Fellowmind. They've listened to our wants and needs and our wishes have had a direct impact on product development. At the same time, we are really happy for the community that exists among IntraActive's customers. It is always inspiring to hear and see how others do. Our users and editors are happy with our new front page, which has opened up for more relevant news and events.” - Maj-Britt André, Senior Specialist.

About Nykredit

Nykredit's history dates back to 1851 and today the company has 4,000 employees. Nykredit is Denmark's largest mortgage lender and accounts for almost half of Denmark's mortgage lending.