What is an infoscreen?

29-05-2018 What is an infoscreen? How do you use it? What do you show on it? And who can actually benefit from it? Find out in this blog post and video.

Effective communication to all employees 

Do you need to reach a broader audience with your communications? Then infoscreens might be the thing for you. 

What are they used for?

Infoscreens give you an opportunity to communicate everything from news, strategies and management information to the menu of the day and daily visitors. The target group is typically employees who don't have access to a computer in their daily jobs, but infoscreens can also be used to communicate to visitors. Similarly, infoscreens can also work as a teaser to encourage employees to read more on the intranet. 


It is a good idea to consider where to place the screens to reach as broad an audience as possible. Infoscreens should be placed where many people pass by, but also where one can stop up and read more. For example:

  • The canteen

  • Reception

  • Break areas in production and warehouse

  • Coffee machines

The screens can show different content depending on what is relevant to show where. For example, the menu of the day should of course be shown in the canteen while the daily visitors is relevant to show in the receoption. 

3 tips for your infoscreen

The infoscreens are only as good as the content they show, so remember these 3 tips when using the infoscreen: 

1. Use good pictures: Make use of good, colourful pictures that are relevant to the content and that can attract the attention of those passing by.

2. Make the text short and precise: Since content on the infoscreens is only shown for short periods of time, you need to adapt the text so passerbys have time to read the content before it changes again. The short format makes bullet lists and subtitles helpful when promoting your messages. 

3. Collect a team of good editors: The editors and their good ideas ensure that the infoscreens remain interesting and relevant to passerbys. 

What does it take?

It's easy to get started with infoscreens. All you need is: 

  • SharePoint Online
  • IntraActive Infoscreens
  • A monitor with internet access

Quick Talk about Infoscreens: