The Perfect Front Page

11-01-2019 In addition to e-mails, the intranet front page is usually the most viewed content in an organization. So how do you make the most of the valuable square meters?

The Content of the Front Page

The front page should contain 3 different types of elements:

1. Communication

Content that gives 'me' knowledge about my work and my workplace, news from the organization and information about my colleagues.

2. Tools

This content makes 'me' better able to do my work, by setting the rules, circumstances and expections of me, my workplace and my colleagues. This can be done through guides and manuals.

3. My work

In this category we find the content and the tools I need in my daily work. It can be links to my collaborative spaces, my 5 last edited documents and what else makes it possible for me to continue where I left off yesterday.

The Front Page's Look

The front page should give users an overview. It requires a quiet and simple layout. In addition, the front page must support the organization's existing visual identity and be personal. Therefore, the images on the front page should be of the organization's own employees, products and locations, rather than general stock photos found on Google.

The Perfect Front Page

Here are 3 tips for the perfect front page.

1. Make the front page relevant

You can ensure the front page's relevance by targeting the content. The front page that James from IT in Copenhagen sees is not necessarily the same as the one Jane from Sales in the US sees. Targeting can be done through language control, news targeting, and customization of which tools the user is presented to.

2. Support the daily work

The front page of the intranet should contain links and content that support the employees' daily work. It can be in the form of a 'My Tools' section, or updated news that makes users come back.

3. Create a calm look

The front page becomes more user-friendly and manageable when the layout is calm and clean. You should therefore sort out how many different elements the front page should consist of, what should be where, and what images are used.

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Learn more about the "perfect" front page by watching the video on the right, where Brian Zhang Larsen, principal business consultant from Fellowmind tells more.

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