Have you read your new messages?

23-08-2021 Do you recognize the satisfying feeling of crossing off a completed task? Then you're going to love the new read/unread feature for messages.

You now have the chance to clearly see which intranet news you've read, and which you haven't. Just like we know from Teams and Outlook, unread content is clearly marked, making it obvious what you need to read to catch up on the latest internal news. As soon as you've clicked on a message the highlight will disapear, marking the message as being read. You also have the chance to mark all read messages all at once. 

This new functionality needs to activated centrally meaning your organization decides if you want to use it on all types of news. It's also up to them to decide what color to highlight unread messages with. 

The read/unread functionality for messages is just one of several smart message features like automatic translation, print, share, likes and comments.