The Royal Danish Library has launched a joint digital communication platform with IntraActive

14-12-2020 How do you create a joint digital platform when several organizations are merged into one, but each their own systems along? Fellowmind has helped the Royal Danish Library find the answer to that challenge.

In 2017-2018, the Royal Danish Library merged with several other organizations, including the State Library, Aarhus University Library and the Administrative Library. Everyone brought existing intranets and collaboration tools with them in the merger, which created confusion among users. Because where do you read the latest news when there are several different platforms to find it on?

The best choice of technology

It was clear that the users of the organization were missing a joint digital platform. In January 2019, the hunt begain for the best match of platforms. After a thorough analysis project which ended with an in-depth analysis and assessment of 5 different systems, the choice landed on SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams. To help them build and roll out the new communication and collaboration platforms, the Royal Library paired up with Fellowmind.

SharePoint and Microsoft Teams alone could not meet the needs of the organization. Therefore, the Royal Danish Library also adopted 3 of Fellowminds products: IntraActive Intranet for a new unified intranet platform, IntraActive Governance for Microsoft Teams to keep track of the new collaboration platform, and IntraActive Learning which has courses for all Office products, including Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

Virtual launch

The Royal Danish Library is one of the many Danish workplaces whose employees work from home as much as possible due to COVID-19. Thus, the launch of the joint digital platform was held virtually on November 12th at a major online event. The intranet in particular aroused great enthusiasm, as the users now have one central communication platform where they can find and publish relevant news and discover all corporate knowledge in the organization.

User surveys

The live event was not the first time users became acquainted with their new digital workplace. The project team kept the organization updated throughout the project, and all employees were invited to test the navigation on the new intranet before the launch. The topic-based navigation was customized after two rounds of user testing, and the user surveys were worth their weight in gold as they identified the right terms and categorizations.

Which tool When

In collaboration with Fellowmind the Royal Danish Library gained an overview of all their digital tools and the tasks to solve in them. The overview is available both digitally and as a cardboard copy, so all users have it at hand. Which tool When, as the overview is called, has provided the overview that users previously missed. Now it is clear where to collaborate on projects, where to share news about the department and where to find the organization's policies and rules. The digital Which Tool When links directly to the tool in question and to a basic course in the tool's functions in IntraActive Learning.

“Our employees are excited about their new digital hub. One of our success criteria was to get more momentum in the news distribution. Before, it was difficult to make news and you had to choose where the news was to be published on 4 different platforms, which scared most people away. Now we see 2-3 news every day on our new common intranet.

The use of Teams has also gone really well. The introductory courses for Microsoft Teams in IntraActive Learning have made the collaboration tool easily accessible to everyone, and users have created more than 200 new teams in just 3 weeks. With IntraActive Governance for Microsoft Teams, we ensure that the new teams have the metadata and policies attached that allow us to keep track of them.

We have been pleased with the collaboration with Fellowmind and for the choice of IntraActive as a platform for our digital meeting point. ”

Bjarne Andersen - Deputy Director of IT, the Royal Danish Library.