Saxo Bank uses Microsoft Teams strategically

15-02-2021 The ongoing cloud transition carried out on multiple levels in the organisation, is building bridges in Saxo Bank and supporting their strategy.

Saxo Bank has set out to move all IT systems and applications in the cloud, ie. predominantly on Microsoft's cloud platforms Microsoft 365 and Azure. As part of this transformation, Fellowmind has been tasked with the transition to Microsoft 365, including the phasing out of Skype as well as the implementation of Teams, IntraActive Governance and the ongoing change management efforts.

Off to a good start
The first phase, which included mail migration to Exchange Online, rolling out Intune on mobile devices and phasing out the existing device and application management system, is long overdue. The same applies to the implementation of a new IntraActive Intranet, the phasing out of Skype and the technical implementation of Teams. Now new heights await for collaboration and communication.

Strategic Management of Teams
Saxo Bank has chosen to implement the governance tool IntraActive Governance, to manage the creation process of teams for users. This tool also allows the use of metadata, to get an overview of specific types of teams or areas where Teams are used. Saxo Bank has chosen to take it even further and integrates their strategic pillars as mandatory metadata in Teams. This means that they can form an overview of all workstreams under each strategic pillar, thus minimizing individual teams that are not directly linked to the strategy.

In Saxo Bank's 2,300 person large business, transparency is the key to understanding the business both in height and width. This means that for each strategic objective there is a public Team, which all employees and managers can respectively inform, debate, find more information on or publish in. So far, they have chosen not to go the Yammer way, as control of the documentation is an important factor and the intranet is where the victories are celebrated.

The technology and opportunities are in place, the business is ready and already well underway. We are working towards reducing noise and getting some clear channels and workflows, all of which link up to the realization of our strategic objectives. Technically, we are currently working on a white-glove principle for owners of special strategic teams. In this way, we ensure buy-in from the management team, which is page 1 in any book on change management. All the way, we work together with Fellowmind as a close partner, also when it comes to the softer things. ” says Anders L. Munck, Head of Workplace Technology, Saxo Bank.