Sisterhood - a culture bearing platform

26-06-2019 Søstrene Grene meets their users where they are with intranet, mobile app and infoscreens

You do know Søstrene Grene, Anna and Clara and their wonderful world. But did you know that Søstrene Grene opened their first store in Aarhus in 1973? Or that Søstrene Grene today has close to 250 stores in 16 markets? Søstrene Grene is prospering, and there is quite a busy time in the Jutlandic business.
To improve internal communication at the head office and bring the employees, or the sisters as they call each other, closer to each other across borders, Søstrene Grene launched an intranet in 2017. The intranet has been named Sisterhood, and that name is not randomly chosen...

Sisterhood - the culture bearing platform

Because Søstrene Grene is complete. From the handwritten signs in the shops, to the quirky prices and the cozy story of Anna and Clara. Søstrene Grene's values of joy, aesthetics, ever-changing, finds, creativity and hygge are clearly reflected in the store experience, but also at the logistics center and the office in Aarhus Ø, which is beautifully and creatively decorated; with products from Søstrene Grene of course.

The values are also reflected in Sisterhood. Sisterhood is a visual universe with a clear emphasis on images and good stories that help create a common homey portal for all sisters. This is where you belong, it's your hood, and it's where you are part of the sister community that is Søstrene Grene. Sisterhood focuses on news and good stories, information from management, information about store openings and knowledge sharing across the organization.

“The goal has been to create a common platform for sharing good stories and knowledge. A culture-bearing platform that helps bring all sisters together across national borders. And that helps to support our culture, our sister spirit and our 6 values.” (Malene Lund Jørgensen, Internal Communication Manager)

Infoscreens display information and promote the values of aesthetics and beauty

Sisterhood is inclusive, and there is a focus on everyone being able to contribute with stories and information. A large part of the employees at the logistics center have no or limited access to a PC. At the logistics center, news and other information are communicated via IntraActive Info screens while tablets provide access to the entire intranet, registration for events and the employee handbook.

“At the head office we also have info screens (...) here we post news, store openings and videos. We have an info screen in our reception... This is the very first thing you meet when you get out of the elevator. It should signal the aesthetics and beauty that we would like to reflect in Søstrene Grene.” (Malene Lund Jørgensen, Internal Communication Manager)

The app ensures that everyone is always up to date

In addition, Søstrene Grene has launched an app based on IntraActive mobile app. The app ensures that you reach the users who are on the move. Here they can keep up with news, see the canteen menu, find colleagues and read the employee handbook. The app is also used to send important messages as a push.

“Although you are affiliated with the head office, many of us are traveling (...), so when they are in the train or at the airport, they can stay up to date with what is happening.” (Malene Lund Jørgensen, Internal Communication Manager) 

A living platform

Sisterhood is a living platform that must live up to one of the sisters' values which is ever-changing. It is the ambition that Sisterhood is constantly improving as the organization brings new wishes and ideas to life. And because sisterhood is based on another living platform, namely IntraActive, this can be achieved.


“Sisterhood is never going to be finished. It will continue to be our primary platform, which must constantly be renewed in relation to our internal communication and the way we share knowledge.” (Malene Lund Jørgensen, Internal Communication Manager) 

Sisterhood - a culture bearing platform: