Did you know that intranets are also included in the Danish web accessibility law?

27-09-2021 All public authorities' websites and mobile apps are required to be accessible for all citizens, including those with a disability. In fact, this also goes for their intranets and extranets. Luckily IntraActive Intranet can help the authorities make their intranets and extranets accessible.

The Danish Web Accessibility Act was passed in the summer of 2018. The Act defines that all public authorities' websites and mobile applications must be accessible to all citizens, including users with a disability.

What may surprise many is that the legislation also covers the public authorities' intranets and extranets, so long as they were launched after 23rd September 2019. 

What is web accessibility?

Web accessibility concerns how the content and functions of a website and in a mobile app should be built and structured. These principles must ensure that everyone can use the websites and mobile applications, including users with disabilities and handicaps. This includes, for example, making images readable for screen reader programs via text and that you can navigate around websites using a keyboard and not a mouse.

Web accessibility in IntraActive Intranet

IntraActive Intranet is the preferred intranet solution for many public authorities such as municipalities, ministries and agencies. That's why we've made sure to build a number of features into our modules, which make it easy for our customers' editors to live up to the legal requirements. These are features such as:     

  • Alt text on images: Visually impaired users often navigate websites using a screen reader. On IntraActive Intranet, they can get to know what the intranet's images represent via the so-called alt text. It is a text field where the person who uploads the image can write an explanation of what the image shows.

  • Keyboard navigation: We are constantly developing our platform so that users can navigate the intranet via the keyboard keys rather than with the use of the mouse.

  • Screen reader accessibility: IntraActive Intranet is continuously adapted so that navigation and content can be interpreted by screen reader programs.