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Make your users mobile


A mobile digital workplace

The road to improved productivity, efficiency and innovation in your organization with SharePoint and Office365

Our solution is always compatible with the latest technology enabling our customers to stay at the forefront of the digital workplace. When you modernize your workplace with IntraActive, teams are tied closer together, silos are broken down and communication is enhanced. IntraActive is adapted to the way our customers work, giving them the freedom to collaborate and innovate.

Good solutions are relevant solutions. We always make sure to learn who our customers are and what they need, to give them the most in productivity and innovation from IntraActive. Our Microsoft expertice makes us proactive and strategic when supporting our customers' digital development and modernization.

Communicate effectively to your employees

Efficient communication is having the right tools to reach the right users, creating easy access to information and ensuring relevant information for each employee.

Provide users with access to relevant tools and information

Reach your users at the comfort of their own desk, with an intranet tailored to their needs and interests.

With IntraActive Home you can build a universe of news, messages, policies, guides and tools that your users need on a daily basis.

IntraActive is comprised of more than 45 modules that enable you to build the intranet that adds value to your organization.

Always available on the go

Engage your employees while they’re on the go, through the intraActive mobile app, available through the App Store and Google Play.

Social media just got new competition in the coffee breaks. Now everyone can stay updated with the latest news from the organization, not matter where they are. With the IntraActive Mobile App employees can read news and short messages. In addition to this you can send push messages to alert users of important information even when they are not using the app.

With IntraActive Mobile App all employees can stay up to date with what is happening in your organization.

Reach across the screen with IntraActive Infoscreens

Strengthen a sense of community by ensuring that your colleagues are always updated, by broadcasting news and information through digital signage.

With infoscreens you get a variety of options for strengthening your communication to employees who rarely sit before a computer.

Infoscreens makes it possible to present content like: the menu of the day, news from the intranet, management information and success stories.


IntraActive has an abundance of functions and modules to meet the needs of our customers, including the following categories

Navigation and availability

With responsiveness and specially developed navigational elements IntraActive is available from all platforms, whether using computer, tablet or smartphone. 

Communication and social interaction

Effective and dynamic communication is a vital drive to any good intranet. Reach your intended audience with our strong communication channels and functions. 


IntraActive contains numerable design options and is always adapted to match your corporate identity. 


Provide your users with the content relevant to them and their work. 

Modern tools

Create a coherent integration with the rest of your digital workplace. 


Create the content you want with easy-to-use modules and tools.