Intranet with SharePoint and Office 365

Set the best foundation for communication and knowledge sharing

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A flexible product that meets your needs

Make your users mobile

With infoscreen and mobile app you can reach all your users

IntraActive Intranet

A modern digital workplace

Personal - flexible - smart

IntraActive Intranet is a complete solution for intranet based on SharePoint and Office 365. IntraActive Intranet contains several modules that have been developed in close collaboration with our clients and refined for over 5 years.

With IntraActive Intranet, you kickstart your intranet implementation with modules that get the end user involved in the intranet, providing the editors with tools to create attractive content and the Intranet administrator overview of the entire Intranet system landscape.

The build-in flexibility in the IntraActive Intranet modules gives the potential that the intranet can be adapted to your needs, whether through design, layout or functionality.

IntraActive Intranet is provided as a SaaS service (Software as a Service), just as SharePoint Online is also a SaaS service. It offers a number of advantages, as you as a customer are always updated with the latest version and you do not have to think about updating your solution to a new version, as it happens automatically.

Meet your users where they are

Effective communication is about having the right tools to reach all users, create easy access to information and to esnure that the information reaches the employees its relevant for.

Give your users access to relevant information and tools

Reach your users by their desk with an intranet personalized to their needs and interests.

With IntraActive Intranet you can build a world of news, messages, policies and tools with easy access for all your users.

IntraActive has more than 50 modules that you can use to build the intranet that gives you the most value.

Always accessible even on the go

Engage your employees while they're on the go with IntraActive Mobile App, available through App Store and Google Play. Our mobile app can even be personalized with your company logo.

Now everyone can stay updated on the latest company news wherever they are. With the IntraActive Mobile App employees can read news, handbooks and more. You can even send them notifications through the Push function to get their attention, even when they're not using the app.

With the IntraActive Mobile App all employees can stay up to date with company news.

Televise your news with the IntraActive Infoscreen

Strenghten your sense of community and ensure that all employees are always up to date by displyaing information and news on the IntraActive Infoscreens.

With infoscreens you get a rare chance of reaching the employees that are rarely in front of a computer. Infoscreens lets you present the daily menu, news from the intranet, management information, success stories and more.

A modern, digital workplace

Personal - flexible - smart

IntraActive is a complete solution for intranet and digital workplace based on SharePoint and Office 365. IntraActive contains more than 40 modules developed in close collaboration with our clients.

The built in flexibility of our modules means that the intranet can be adapted to your needs in relation to design, layout and functionality.

User experience is shaped by your role in the organization, what you work on and where you work. This allows the users to experience the intranet as relevant to them and their work.

With IntraActive you get a product that is improved upon daily. We're constantly working on refining and developing IntraActive so you get a solution that's dynamic and personal.


IntraActive has an abundance of functions and modules to meet the needs of our customers, including the following categories

Communication and social interaction

Effective and dynamic communication is a vital drive to any good intranet. Reach your intended audience with our strong communication channels and functions. 


Provide your users with the content relevant to them and their work. 


IntraActive contains numerable design options and is always adapted to match your corporate identity. 

Navigation and availability

With responsiveness and specially developed navigational elements IntraActive is available from all platforms, whether using computer, tablet or smartphone. 

Modern tools

Create a coherent integration with the rest of your digital workplace. 


Create the content you want with easy-to-use modules and tools.