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IntraActive Intranet

A modern digital workplace

Personal - flexible - smart

IntraActive Intranet is a complete solution for intranet based on SharePoint and Office 365. IntraActive Intranet contains several modules that have been developed in close collaboration with our clients and refined for over 5 years.

With IntraActive Intranet, you kickstart your intranet implementation with modules that get the end user involved in the intranet, that provides the editors with tools to create attractive content and provides an overview of the entire Intranet system landscape the Intranet administrator.

The built-in flexibility of the IntraActive Intranet modules makes it possible to adapt the product to your needs, whether through design, layout or functionality.

IntraActive Intranet is provided as a SaaS service (Software as a Service), just as SharePoint Online is also a SaaS service. It offers a number of advantages, as you as a customer are always updated with the latest version and you do not have to think about updating your solution to a new version, as it happens automatically.

Meet your users where they are

Effective communication is about having the right tools to reach all users, create easy access to information and to esnure that the information reaches the employees its relevant for.

Give your users access to relevant information and tools

Reach your users by their desk with an intranet personalized to their needs and interests.

With IntraActive Intranet you can build a world of news, messages, policies and tools with easy access for all your users.

IntraActive has more than 50 modules that you can use to build the intranet that gives you the most value.

Always accessible even on the go

Engage your employees while they're on the go with IntraActive Mobile App, available through App Store and Google Play. Our mobile app can even be personalized with your company logo.

Now everyone can stay updated on the latest company news wherever they are. With the IntraActive Mobile App employees can read news, handbooks and more. You can even send them notifications through the Push function to get their attention, even when they're not using the app.

With the IntraActive Mobile App all employees can stay up to date with company news.

Televise your news with the IntraActive Infoscreen

Strenghten your sense of community and ensure that all employees are always up to date by displyaing information and news on the IntraActive Infoscreens.

With infoscreens you get a rare chance of reaching the employees that are rarely in front of a computer. Infoscreens lets you present the daily menu, news from the intranet, management information, success stories and more.

IntraActive Intranet


IntraActive Intranet is a complete solution for intranet based on SharePoint and Office 365. IntraActive Intranet contains several modules that have been developed in close collaboration with our clients and refined for more than 5 years.

A modern, digital workplace

Personal - flexible - smart

IntraActive is a complete solution for intranet and digital workplace based on SharePoint and Office 365. IntraActive contains more than 40 modules developed in close collaboration with our clients.

The built in flexibility of our modules means that the intranet can be adapted to your needs in relation to design, layout and functionality.

User experience is shaped by your role in the organization, what you work on and where you work. This allows the users to experience the intranet as relevant to them and their work.

With IntraActive you get a product that is improved upon daily. We're constantly working on refining and developing IntraActive so you get a solution that's dynamic and personal.

An intranet for all needs

The Succesful Intranet

With IntraActive you don't just buy a SharePoint intranetplatform. We help you make the intranet a succesful and key part of the employees' everyday life. Our delivery model has proven itself with more than 200 customers, both in the public and private sector and with medium-sized to global enterprises.

With our assistance you can clarify your vision for the intranet, whether you want to increase productivity, unify the organization, if you want a new communication platform or something completely different.

"Our employees are excited about their new digital hub. One of our success criteria was to get more momentum in the news distribution. Before, it was difficult to make news and you had to choose where the news was to be published on 4 different platforms, which scared most people away. Now we see 2-3 news every day on our new common intranet." Bjarne Andersen, Deputy Director of IT, The Royal Danish Library

A Collaborative Partnership

We are proud of our ability to care for and collaborate with our customers, even after delivery. We continuously keep you updated and invite you to our Community events, where you can learn the latest about the product, but also get inspired by each other. All IntraActive Intranet solutions are different with each their qualities and unique value creating properties. We give you sneak peaks into each other's solutions and advise you on what features and setups that fits your needs.

"It's cool that the system itself is workable and that everything is so user friendly. At the same time, we are pleased with the collaboration with IntraActive in relation to development. We feel that we are taken seriously when we come to them - both when it comes to challenges in the systems and when it comes to new ideas and needs that go beyond the existing solutions." Mads, IT Coordinator, FGU East Jutland

The Mobile Intranet

IntraActive Intranet is THE intranet solution for manufacturing companies. By using our mobile app all employees, both blue and white collar workers, can stay up to date on internal communication. With the IntraActive Mobile App all the most important organizational information is always readily available.

"Our two new intranets have become the employees' daily information platforms, where they can find relevant information about what is happening around the organization and in the various inspection halls. Through them, we have a culture-bearing platform that binds us all together. ” Per V. Rasmussen, CEO / Country Manager Finland Applus Bilsyn.

User-friendly Features

IntraActive Intranet offers a wealth of modules and features that makes it easy to be an intranet editor. The user friendly interface is easy to use, even for new editors. With IntraActive Messages all employees can join the conversation and share news and notifications, big and small.

"The modular structure of the Modern IntraActive Intranet has been a great help for editors and administrators. It is user friendly and visual. We have been pleased with the process and the good dialogue with Fellowmind about our opportunities." Lotte Fisker Jørgensen, Communications Consultant, Danish Agency for Patient Complaints.

Targeted Communication

Large parts of IntraActive Intranet can be targeted so you can ensure that the right information, in the right language, reaches the right target group. This makes it easy to communicate to all users across, but also to select segments with targeted content like news, messages, events etc.

Targeting enables you to cut down drastically on the amount of pages needed. This means less ressources spent on maintenance and avoiding multiple versions of the same content.

"On a school the size of University College Copenhagen it's been a definite advantage to be able to mix general content from our administration with educational specific content from the educations. With this solution we've been able to limit the amount of pages needed. It's also provided our students with a better overview of information and limited the number of clicks needed to find the right information." Louise Lindskov, Project Manager, University College Copenhagen.


IntraActive has an abundance of functions and modules to meet the needs of our customers, including the following categories

Communication and social interaction

Effective and dynamic communication is a vital drive to any good intranet. Reach your intended audience with our strong communication channels and functions. 


Provide your users with the content relevant to them and their work. 


IntraActive contains numerable design options and is always adapted to match your corporate identity. 

Navigation and availability

With responsiveness and specially developed navigational elements IntraActive is available from all platforms, whether using computer, tablet or smartphone. 

Modern tools

Create a coherent integration with the rest of your digital workplace. 


Create the content you want with easy-to-use modules and tools.