Intranet as a Service

We automatically provide the updates and you can focus on taking advantage of the new features in your intranet


IntraActive Intranet is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and we provide ongoing maintenance and updating of your Intranet

Benefits of Software as a Service

There are many reasons why we have designed IntraActive Intranet as Software as a Service. Here are some of them.

No down time during updates

IntraActive is released 10 to 20 times a week to hundreds of SharePoint environments without down time. All customers are on the same version.

Many smaller updates also mean less content in each update and with small incremental changes, we ensure a stable product that is constantly being improved and expanded.

No upgrade costs

When updates are not to be performed individually for each customer, economies of scale mean that the cost of updates will be far lower. The savings of SaaS, we passed on to customers in the form of free upgrades.

SaaS fits SaaS

SharePoint Online and Office 365 are kept up to date by Microsoft. Microsoft continuously update SharePoint Online behind the scenes, invisibly and without explicitly notifying anyone.

Therefore, we of course also deliver with SaaS and are able to act as quickly as the SharePoint platform on which the IntraActive Intranet product is based. IntraActive Intranet is updated at least as often as the SharePoint Online platform and through Microsoft's "First Release" program, we can test IntraActive Intranet against future versions of SharePoint Online and make sure we are always up to date.

SaaS provides herd immunity

It provides herd immunity that all customers are on the same version. Flock immunity means that if there is a problem then it is likely to be experienced by only a few customers (otherwise it would have been discovered in testing) and when the problem is addressed these are addressed to everyone, meaning the majority of customers never experience it.

SaaS provides a better product

Developers working on a SaaS product can focus more on creating valuable features and solving real problems rather than spending time on troubleshooting and routine tasks.

Faster response time

The faster a problem is solved, the smaller it is. With SaaS, it is possible to respond quickly and solve problems, often within 24 hours of being detected. This is a great advantage compared to ensuring an ongoing high quality.