Support your employees as they learn new things

IntraActive Learning

Do you want to help your employees gain new competencies in an efficient manner?

It can be hard to train employees in new skills when new digital tools become available. With our learning platform, IntraActive Learning, you can ensure that all employees gain access to courses in the tools that can add value to their work life.

Gain new skills in all Office 365 apps

The learning portal is it's own universe, all about learning. With Single Sign-on users don't need to remember one more password. Just give them a link and they can get started with learning. The learning portal can be adapted to your visual identity, just like the intranet.

Add courses on your very own systems

The learning portal comes with standardized courses in Office 365 and Windows 10 - but it isn't limited to these. You can expand your platform with courses on your own systems or new initiatives. This provides a fast and efficient way to onboard new colleagues, ensure the right competencies for certain roles and succeed in implement projects in your organization. Often times it's not installing new technology that's difficult, it's getting the users to accept it that can pose a challenge. Our learning portal is designed to give you more value of the Microsoft tools you already have access to.

What you get with IntraActive Learning


Ready-made courses

Single Sign On



Varied Content