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IntraActive productslets you reach the full potential of the Microsoft 365 platform.

IntraActive is a range of products for Microsoft 365 that lets you build and maintain solutions for communication and collaboration. The purpose of IntraActive products is to add value to Microsoft 365 with of modules that help end users, editors and application managers.

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IntraActive Intranet helps you to a quick start with your intranet. IntraActive Replay makes it possible to reach all users with information, while Pling helps create awareness and engagement. With IntraActive Governance you can stay in control of Microsoft Teams.

IntraActive Learning provides your employees with the right level of skills they need to work with Microsoft 365 applications.

IntraActive products are built for the Microsoft 365 platform and takes full advantage of the newest Microsoft Cloud technologies. IntraActive products are continuously updated with new modules and features, making your solution “evergreen”. This will provide you with the latest opportunities to extend and enrich your intranet or collaboration platform.

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