Knowledge Management


SmartStash makes knowledge management easier for everyone involved, and gives your shared knowledge the tool and attention it deserves.

Solve the typical problems with knowledge management

We’ve all been there: You rarely have time to write things down properly. Maintaining outdated information is expensive and time-consuming. Multiple versions of the same instruction or information is hidden in deep folder structures and personal e-mails. It is unclear whether important information is equally available to all employees and whether or not they actually use it.

Is SmartStash relevant for your Company?

Knowledge management is a key asset for modern organizations. If done properly it allows for a more agile and innovative work-routine and will assist you in offering your customers the best possible service.

SmartStash is a tool for SharePoint Online which will help you structure, use and re-use your existing knowledge. Nothing more, nothing less!

It can enable faster access to important information, it can streamline your daily work and, over time, it can help to create satisfied employees thus increasing the overall performance of the company.

Keep your knowledge in your pocket

If knowledge is not easily accessible it is simply not used when it should be. With SmartStash we have built a knowledge system on top of the Microsoft 365 tools and practises you already use – and we even have our own mobile app. This means that you have all the needed knowledge in your pocket – ready to use when you need it.

Can you say yes to any of the following...

… scattered in many different places and in seperate silos?

… rarely found and used when it should be?

… not distributed to specific individuals?

… not maintained properly over time?

… wasting time trying to find the right information?

… unsure of which information is up to date?

… not automatically alerted when key knowledge is updated?

SmartStash for Knowledge Management is built with the sole purpose of giving your shared knowledge the tool it deserves and to make the same knowledge useful on a daily basis.
SmartStash turns your SharePoint Online into much more than a file storage system!
SmartStash is an integrated management system (IMS) that motivates your employees to use shared knowledge.

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