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Reach your users in Microsoft Teams

More and more employees use a large part of their work day in Microsoft Teams, where they collaborate, have meetings and chat. With our Pling Communicator app for Teams, you can reach your employees in the Microsoft Teams client with important information.

Get value out of your IT investment

Pling Communicator can increase the value you get out of your existing IT investments by sending out notifications directly to the users in Microsoft Teams. Notifications can range from Teams that lack owners to comments and likes on a news article to content that needs to be revised. Pling Communicator ensures attention, creates awareness and increases engagement.

Integrate to your systems

Pling Communicator is already integrated with the IntraActive Intranet and IntraActive Governance products but Pling is designed to be integrated into other apps and solutions too. Yes, Pling Communicator can be used for messages but there is great potential in it’s use for reminders and as part of an interactive flow in IT solutions that do not get enough attention.

3 quick ones about IntraActive Pling

IntraActive Pling Communicator is an app that you can fetch in the Teams Store and it is delivered as a SaaS product. The app is updated frequently with new features and optimizations. You are always running the latest version and do not need to think about upgrades.

Pling Communicator can be integrated with your other applications and this could be to send a notification, when there is a new case created in your help desk application.

You can get started today by getting Pling Communicator in the Teams Store. To start out easy, you can choose to limit the app to a few selected users, who can test it before you roll it out to your whole organization.

Important messages

Important messages can be send as a push function directly from the intranet and targeted to exactly those users for whom the message is relevant

Interaaction on news

Pling Communicator delivers notifications about new comments or likes on news

Approval of news

When news articles need to be approved, a notification can be sent automatically to a group of approvers

Content audit

Pling Communicator automatically sends notifications to content owners, when it is time for an audit of content

Missing owners

If a team needs an owner, then an administrator can send a message to the members of the team about this issue

Tracking of sent push messages

Keep track of who received messages from Pling Communicator and, more importantly, who hasn't

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