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IntraActive Governance empowers your deployment of Microsoft Teams and supports the ongoing use of the application. We automate your most recurring tasks and give you control of your Teams-environment. Do you want to use Microsoft Teams in a structured manner? We’ve got you covered.

new teams with ease

Our smart app makes it easy to create new teams with the features your team-members need for optimal collaboration. With our step-by-step wizard, it’s straightforward to design teams with the desired details, guest access options, and company-specific tags.

Custom team templates

Give your colleagues the team-templates that make sense to them. Whether you need a team for  a project, a department or something completely different we can support it in a structured manner. IntraActive Governance gives the administrators of Microsoft Teams a manageable and easy-to-use template builder.

The template builder guides you step-by-step through the creation of a company-specific template with  permission management, channels needed, life cycle policies, and more. 

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Key features

A successful implementation of Microsoft Teams often results in a vast number of collaboration spaces. These spaces should ideally be handled and archived over time. With IntraActive Governance you get comprehensive life cycle management, and the closure of teams is made easy. Our app monitors the activity of your teams and makes it easy for team owners to gain insights of the usage. Unused teams are easily archived, and your Teams-environment remains relevant and up to date. 

IntraActive Governance can assist you in the implementation of Microsoft 365-solutions to support projects and extranets. Integrate IntraActive Governance with your ERP- or CRM-system to make the creation of collaboration spaces fully automated from start to finish. 

Save time and resources by using the IntraActive Governance templates. Our templates make the creation of Microsoft 365-spaces easy for your colleagues. Template settings and features are built on many years of experience using Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. If the templates do not meet your needs, then they can be easily expanded with additional automation, features, and workflows that add value to your organization. 

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As an administrator of Microsoft Teams, you get a higher level of insight into the use of Teams in your organization. You can see where ownership is lacking and which teams are inactive – and act on that!

Notify users

Notify members of orphaned teams. Members receive a notification directly in Teams that ‘action is required’. Administrators can also define new owners of the team themselves.

Define settings

Each template allows you to define several settings. This will help to ensure that the guidelines for your collaboration in departments, with externals, and in projects stays compliant.

A guided process

It is easy for users to create teams in a guided process. This will ensure that a decision is made for all essential elements.


No matter what type of collaboration you want enable with Teams, you can easily create new or maintain the templates that is of value to your organization.

Personal views

Create your own views which ensures that you can quickly find your teams, all department teams, all projects with externals and similar.

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