Adds value to your intranet

Easy to set up, easy to maintain and beautiful to look at!

AN intranet FOr your users

Reach out your users with an intranet tailored to their needs and interests. 

With IntraActive Intranet you can build a universe of news, messages, policies, guidelines and tools that your users need on a daily basis.

IntraActive contains more than 45 modules that you can use to build exactly the intranet that creates value for you.

Billede af desktop, mobil, tablet og TV skærme

Meet your users where they are!

Good communication is about having the right tools to reach different users, provide easy access to information and to ensure that the information is relevant to the individual employee.


Some employees have adopted Microsoft Teams and start their work day here. Some start up their browser with the intranet as the first thing every morning, while others prefer to read intranet news from the mobile phone on their morning commute. Regardless of their preference, IntraActive Intranet supports the needs of the employees.


Engage your employees with IntraActive Mobile App while they are on the go. The IntraActive app is available in App Store and Google Play.


Social media has gotten competition. Now everyone can keep up with the latest company news no matter where they are. The app provides news, events, phonebook and short information for your employees. In addition to this you can push important messages to notify employees of important matters, even when they are not currently using the app.

With IntraActive mobile app every employee can keep up with internal company news, making this app the ideal intranet solution on the go.

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3 questions about IntraActive Intranet

IntraActive Intranet is a SaaS solution and our solution is updated weekly with new features and adjustments. You are always on the latest version and do not have to deal with upgrades. Every month you can follow our updates on our broadcasts, newsletters and feature highlights. Here we help you take new features into use and create value on your intranet.

IntraActive Intranet is based on Microsoft 365 technology and lives in perfect coexistence with SharePoint Online. It is not a matter of choosing one or the other, but of choosing both.

Our vision with IntraActive Intranet is to make it easier to implement and maintain a SharePoint Intranet. We do this by filling in the gaps that is in SharePoint and providing the features that are in demand by our customers.

IntraActive Intranet must create value for our users, and it does this best by reflecting the needs of them. Our modules are developed in close collaboration with our customers, who both influence our roadmap and who participate in the design process of a given module. In this way, we ensure that what we fulfils the needs of our users.


The democratic news module

News is not just for communication people. With our message module, every employee in your organization can contribute with vivid and beautiful content.

Every editors dream

With the Content Creator you can both create and find your content in one place. The content creator is with you everywhere and shows you the content that is relevant for you to create.

Structure your information

The intranet does not only consist of news. It must also be easy to structure and maintain other information and content. The content organizer helps you along the way!

Did someone say governance?

Governance is perhaps the most difficult task in operating an intranet. But the audit and notification module ensures that the content managers and editors are kept up to date.

The only navigation you need

A mega menu with rich content, smart features and easy administration.

Do it your self!

All modules in IntraActive Intranet are made so that the customer can easily set it up themselves in relation to design and content.

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