Infoscreens made easy

Strenghten the social glue in your organization. Give everyone the possibility to be in-the-know

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Infoscreens made easy

Replay is digital signage made easy! It only takes a few minutes to connect to your very first screen. From the Smart-TV or monitor you only need to access a URL and we will guide you through the process. It’s easy!

Manage content

Manage all your content in Replay from one area. Create playlists to different locations and add content to these lists. You can create slides with video, news articles or other media-types. You can also define settings for visual design, RSS-tickers and footers. It has never been easier to manage content for infoscreens. 

Content creation

IntraActive Replay comes with different widgets you can use when you design your slides. The widgets empower you to control how you want your different content elements to be presented. You can even see a real-time preview.

Key features

With infoscreens you get a proven way to strengthen your communication to employees who do not work from a Laptop or digital workstation. Infoscreens is the perfect way to present “menu of the day”, news-articles from the intranet, management updates and share positive stories.

Replay can easily integrate with your SharePoint intranet. Publish a news-article directly from your SharePoint intranet to your infoscreens and let the information flow.

Show content from “outside” like a news-outlet or your own public webpage in a LIVE news-feed or fetch information from public news sites.

Considerations when choosing screen, hardware and software setup read here.

Get Started

  1. Add the app in Microsoft Teams Store
  2. Apply admin consent (requires a Global Admin)
  3. Start setting up your first screen (the first screen is free forever)
  4. Additional screens cost €12.99 per month (99 DKK)

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