Privacy policy for Pling & Pling Communicator

The IntraActive privacy policy outlines how IntraActive utilises the personal data you leave behind when using IntraActive Pling and/or IntraActive Pling Communicator.

“Pling” refers to the IntraActive Pling app in Microsoft Teams. 

“Pling Communicator” refers to the communication-features within “Pling” and is synonymous with “Pling”.

“Azure” refers to Microsoft Azure in Ireland that Pling uses and that belongs to Fellowmind.

This privacy policy applies to Pling and does not include Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Teams.

Pling can only be used through Microsoft Teams and regardless of whether Microsoft Teams is used as a desktop app, browser app or mobile app, it is technically similar to a browser.


Pling saves a cookie to keep authentication persistent. Implicit authentication with Microsoft Teams is used and the cookie does not contain any personal information but is only a technical cookie required to authenticate to the Pling API and Microsoft Graph.

By using Pling you implicitly consent to cookies being saved. As Pling is not a public website but instead an app in Microsoft Teams, it is exempted from EU regulations about cookie notices.

Log data

Log data intended for diagnostics is collected while using Pling. It may contain usernames as well as the content that is added to Pling through the user interface. It will also include technical data such as browser version and ip address.

This information is automatically removed after 90 days and cannot be removed before this time.

Company data

When adding the app to Microsoft Teams, information about the company and contact information is automatically saved through Microsoft Partner Portal.

User data

When giving permissions to a user in Pling, the user name is stored in the Azure instance that belongs to Pling which is placed in Azure.


The content added to Pling, including but not limited to articles, images and videos, are saved in Azure.


All data is encrypted in transit with industry standard TSL (SSL/HTTPS) and encrypted at rest. This includes images and videos.

International data transfer

Data resides within EU by default while being processed by the Pling API.

Delete your data

Log data will be automatically deleted after 90 days.

Other types of data can be deleted upon request by cancelling your subscription to Pling and deleting the Pling-app from your tenant. It is not possible to use Pling without allowing us to store data.